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I'm a Berlin-based Polish filmmaker and film journalist. With several short films under my belt, I am currently working on two feature length films entitled HOW TO HIJACK A PLANE and ALL THE SWINDLES OF MY FATHER. I am a co-founder of FARRAGO COLLECTIVE

In my work I am particularly interested in the portraits of people who decide to go off the beaten track, regardless of whether that means building an own tower in the middle of Berlin, working as a bird guide, or hijacking a plane to escape to another country.

Apart from making films, I try to interview smart people about them. I also work as a film reviewer myself, covering new releases and major European festivals (Venice, Berlinale, Cannes). I had the pleasure and honour of seating on the jury of Five Flavours Film Festival twice, and in 2024 I attended Berlinale Talents Press workshops.

If you are looking for a filmmaker, photographer, writer or curator – contact me here

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