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My work as a filmmaker begun when, aged 12, I was testing out the fire resistance of my mobile phone's camera. Homages to Steven Seagal and various TV-programme spoofs that followed have further influenced my approach to filmmaking. One film school, handful of projects and zero missed deadlines later I stil maintain the same child-like passion for this job.

In my documentary practice I often look for the comedic, absurd or grotesque angles; in fiction and commercial work I tend to veer into the world of pastiche. I always search for unusual solutions and unique ways to tell stories.

I have worked both on commercial ventures and completely guerilla ones, as well as collective efforts and single run-and-gun shoots. These various experiences allow me to adjust to the demands of each particular project I am involved in. Feel free to browse my portfolio, check out my filmography and reach out – I am open to work on branded content, documentaries or fiction!


my portfolio

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In development/production

– 'How to hijack a plane', produced by Furia Film, documentary (director)

– 'All the swindles of my father', documentary (director)

– 'Careless whisper', fiction (director, screenwriter)


– 'Excavating Focus', 8'29", documentary (director, editor, cinematographer)


– 'Carpet of Carnage 2', 36'59", fiction (co-directed with Marcin Buszta, screenwriter, actor)

– 'Indian 'restaurant'", 11'27", documentary (co-directed with Sophio Chkheidzé)

– 'Don't bite more than you can chew, 6'09", fiction (screenwriter, director, editor)

– 'Wrestling masculinity', 5'13", documentary, (director, editor, cinematographer)

– 'Hauntings', 6'12", documentary, dir. Lizzie Ford-Madrid, (cinematographer, editor)

– 'Birdwatching watching', 17'42", documentary (director, editor, cinematographer)


– 'Trying to fit in', 10'38", documentary (director, editor, cinematographer)

– 'Carilloneur of Berlin', 5'02", documentary, (director, editor, cinematographer)

– 'LOT: Landet oft am Tempelhof', 16'37", documentary, (director, editor)

– 'Telecommunication', 30'58", fiction, (co-directed with Marcin Buszta, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor)


- 'The Combinate', 35'29", fiction, (co-directed with Marcin Buszta, screenwriter cinematographer, actor)


– 'TV of Terror', 21'25", fiction (co-directed with Marcin Buszta, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor)


– 'Carpet of Carnage', 24'23", fiction (co-directed with Marcin Buszta, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor)


– 'Bacchanalia', 20'25", fiction, (co-directed with Marcin Buszta, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor)

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