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Making films isn't my only passion: I also love to write about them. Apart from staying on top of and reviewing the current releases, my main field of interest are: contemporary Asian cinema, global film markets and modern science fiction. I have experience in film introductions and program curation.

Attended workshops:

Berlinale Talents Press 2024

Critics’ workshop, 20th Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary), 2023.

People's Jury at Five Flavours Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland (2020, 2022)

You can read samples of my work below.

Critical writing:

see a collection of my articles in Polish here

or have a peek at my writing about Asian cinema for Asian Movie Pulse

read my interview with Dennis Lim, author of Tale of Cinema, here

Academic writing:

[PL] "Chiny w Hollywood. Wpływ wzrostu chińskiego rynku kinowego na treść współczesnych filmów hollywoodzkich" [eng. "China in Hollywood. Influence of the growth of Chinese cinema market on the content of contemporary Hollywood cinema."] Studia Filmoznawcze. Winter 2023, vol. 44. Read here

[PL] "Świetlana przyszłość. Filmowy solarpunk", Ekrany, 2(58), 2021, p. 28-33.

[PL] "Sex machina. Androidy w pułapce płci", Ekrany, 3(55)/2020, p. 30-34.


interview with J. Hoberman

interview with Michał Oleszczyk (aka. Spoilermaster)

interview with professor Patrick J. Vaughan

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