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HOW TO HIJACK A PLANE [work in progress]


Poland, Germany, Denmark, USA





Project type

Feature documentary

36 people, a good Tarot spread and a fishing line – that’s all that you need to hijack a plane to West Berlin. Just remain calm and refrain from shooting on board. A story of the most spectacular plane hijacking in the history of socialist Poland.

In the 70s and 80s only Cubans hijacked more planes than Poles. Berliners used to joke that the name of the polish airline LOT stood for “Landet oft am Tempelhof” (Lands often at Tempelhof). “How to hijack a plane” tells my favorite kind of story, because it, at least initially, sounds like a joke. Underneath, however, lies a more complex tale about the struggle for freedom from the authoritarian state and economic hardship. The project first started as a graduation film, and later was developed at Doc Development workshops in Warsaw, Poland.

Director: Olek Młyński
Artistic Supervisor: Piotr Rosołowski
Production company: Furia Film
Producer: Małgorzata Małysa, Karolina Galuba
Partner: Canal +
Production stage: development

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